Introducing our latest AI devices
and Shield:
AIRIS Sense and Cerdik Shield

AIRIS Sense: All in one facial recognition, attendance logging and contact-less temperature measurement.


AIRIS Labs (Artificial Intelligence Revolution & Innovation Solution Labs) is a premier design house that undertake the design, research and development, innovation, solutions, consultancy, advisory and related services in all areas of IC and system design. These include creating artificial intelligence intellectual properties (IP), software & firmware design, artificial intelligence system implementation, application software packages and related products for local usage and export market.

We strive on delivering high performance AI ASIC IPs and AI enabled systems/products that create positive business impact.

The team successfully taped out AI KNN ASIC design in December 2019. The AI ASIC IP is proven more than 14x faster than the GPU although running at a much lower clock speed.

Core Expertise and Experience
The AIRIS Labs engineering team have the expertise and experience to deliver high quality AI ASIC & FPGA IP designs, FPGA prototyping, smart products that uses our proprietary AI ASIC design or software, and providing consultation services on AI related automation

Hard & Soft ASIC AI IP

The hard and soft ASIC AI IP will be available in foundaries IP library/catalogue

Plan to enroll into IP Alliance Program 

FPGA System & AI IP

Deliver both hard and soft AI IP for FPGA design.

Prototype and productise in FPGA

Edge Smart Devices

AI Development Board with pure ASIC AI chip

Edge AI systems and devices
Proprietary AI software engine 

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+604 611 1689


AIRIS LABS SDN BHD (202001015529)
I2U building, Sains@USM
10, Persiaran Bukit Jambul,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia

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